What Are The Best Longboards Brands

The marvelous sport of longboarding is becoming immensely popular these days owing to its addictive nature of exciting tricks, adventure and convenience. It is highly beneficial for activities like downhill racing and recreational transportation. As many people take to the sport, it is only fair that information is put out there on what one should look out for when choosing a longboard brand, as well as the top brands that exist.

How to choose the best longboard>Before buying a longboard, it is imperative that you consider a number of factors so as to ascertain that you have the best product for the adventurous sport. Most longboards come in the market with parts mostly pre assembled.The boards are usually made of carbon fiber, maple and bamboo. Whether you use longboards for cruising or downhill racing, you need to scrutinize carefully the following factors, to ensure that the sporting equipment is of very high quality:
• wheels
• risers
• bearings
• deck
• grip tape
• design
• affordability

The best long-board brands
Selecting longboards which are not of standard quality may pose a serious risk while gaming. Here is a list of some of the very best longboard brands available in the longboarding market.
1. Santa Cruz Lion God-Rasta Drop Thru-Cruzer Freeride Longboard-Deck Complete 40″
Topping the list is the Santa-Cruz Lion and the following are some of the features you are likely to get from the brand;
•Comes with a dimension of 10 inches x 40 inches
• High quality Santa Cruz bearings
• excellent Santa Cruz Hardware
• Road Rider 180 Trucks
• 75mm 78a Road-Rider Wheels
• superior quality Black Santa Cruz Grip-Tape with Rasta Stripe
• The product comes with an affordable price range of $126
• The product weights approximately 7 pounds

2. Sector 9 Meridian Complete Skateboard
The Sector 9 Meridian is yet another longboard brand you might want to check out. Like any top brand out there, it features some outstanding qualities including but not limited to the following;
• The product is 40 inches long, 9.75 inches wide and 30.5 inches wheel base
• It is build of 8 piles of taco mold, cold pressed Maple and drop through mount
• The pre assembled parts of the product includes 70mm 78.A center set ts wheels, erg grip tape, ABEC 5 grease ball bearings and 10.0 inch Gullwing charger trucks
• Riding style of the longboard is commuter, free ride
• The weight is 8.4 pounds
• The longboard starts at a price range of 165

3. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder-Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser-Freeride Complete Longboard 36″
Lastly, the Section 9 Aperture boasts of unique features as follows;
• The specifications of the product includes 36 inches length, 9 inches wide and 26.375 inches wheel base
• It has first rate Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks
• High quality Sector 9 Abec 5 Bearings
• Outstanding 69M.M 80A 9 BALLS Wheels
• Exceptional Sector-9 Aperture-Drop Through Deck
• The longboard weighs 6.9 pounds
• The price range of the product is $ 169.98