5 Things You Can Use Your Garage For

The garage is one of the most convenient areas in a home. Essentially, it is just a large space. Garages are intended for a few simple functions like parking vehicles and storing items. Because many households park their vehicles outside, the garage can be put to much better use. Here are a few ideas to excite your imagination.

Additional Living Space

Families grow, people age, visitors come and go. The garage becomes an ideal extension to suit different needs. Many families have children who have grown, left home and then returned. Their previous bedroom is now a guest room or a hobby room. The returning adult wants more space than their old bedroom, so convert the garage into separate living quarters. If it is the parents who are aging and moving in with an adult child, the solution is the same. Your garage becomes a separate apartment.

A Work-Out Room

Exercise, physical activity and skills practice are all terms we are familiar with. The garage makes a perfect place to jump, stretch, swing a bat, and practice kicks and punches. When we exercise we perspire, grunt and pant. Where better to do this than away from the living room or bedroom? Another reason the garage is ideal for working out is because one wall is often nothing more than the up-and-over door. A garage door opener really comes into its own when the performer needs increased ventilation. The door can be opened a little or a lot, with the touch of a remote control button. There is no need to interrupt the activity to get more fresh air or to cool the place down. Garages make perfect exercise, work-out and skill-practice centers.

A TV Room or Home Theater

Huge screens can detract from the living room’s décor. Film noise can disturb other family members who may be studying or reading in another room. Game day can build far more of a party atmosphere with space to sit, stand, yell and move around. Put a thick rug on the floor, install extra lighting and a refreshments area. Your family and friends are all set.

The Teenage Hangout

This is an easy conversion that gives teenagers privacy as well as an opportunity to show their maturity. They can relax with friends, study, enjoy their own company, and be responsible for keeping it clean!


Garages make perfect workshops. There is space to work, lots of storage, recently-painted items can be spread out to dry, and the fumes can escape through the up-and-over door. The garage also makes a perfect place for raw materials to be delivered and stored.

A garage has a lot of uses. Make the most of yours.